Koala Kare Baby Change Table - Horizontal 


Horizontal Wall-Mounted Baby Change Table

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Koala Kare Baby Change Table - Vertical 


Vertical Wall-Mounted Baby Change Table

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Koala Kare Stainless Baby Change Table



Horizontal Mounted Stainless Steel Finish

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Accessible Compliant Backrest - Stainless



Stainless Steel Backrest is site adjustable and AS1428.1-2009/Amdt 1-2010 compliant when installed correctly

Stainless Steel (satin finish) bar, concealed mounting flanges & bracket cover

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RBA Products

'Benefit' Basin - Wall Mounted



Type 304 Stainless
Satin Finish
Vandal Resistant
AS1428.1-2009 Compliant
Tapware RBA1083-607

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Curvalinear™ Basin


Basin Complies with AS1730 (including splash back)
Satin Finish Type 304 Stainless Steel, 1.5mm thick Basin
Single user Basin
Optional Tapware RBA1083-607

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Key Clothes Hook


Dimensions: 40mm (W) x 70mm (D) x 60mm (H)

Bright finish

Single Clothes Hook


Dimensions: 40mm (W) x 60mm (D) x 40mm (H)
Satin finish

Drinking Fountain - Accessible



Heavy-gauge, type 304 stainless steel, satin finish
Integral splashback for hygiene and ease of cleaning
305mm (W) x 425mm (H) x 495mm (D)

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Drinking Fountain - Accessible


Heavy-gauge, type 304 stainless steel, satin finish
Front push button valve for deckmounted bubbler with integrally designed non squirt feature.
Accessible compliant floor mounted drinking fountain
Suitable for outdoor use
Laser cut access panel for ease of installation

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Ligature Resistant Grab Rail

RBA4000-Ligature Resistant

Grab Rails available with infill
Made to order
Manufactured to your dimensions.
Some standard sizes in stock
32mm Diameter

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Trimline Hand Dryer - Stainless


304 Stainless Steel Cover
Black side panels for Luminance Contrast
Sensor Operated; 10 Year Warranty
350mm (W) x 345mm (H)

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Elan Hand Dryer - Stainless


208-230V AC, 7 AMP, 1500-1700 Watts, 50/60Hz
Satin Stainless Steel Casing
275mm W x 280mm H
No touch operation

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Quiet-Dry™ TerraDry™ Hand Dryer - Chrome


Quiet Dryer - 70dB(A)
Sensor operated - automatic turn on and off
Aluminium die-cast cover with Chrome High Gloss Epoxy Finish
Luminance contrast
259mm (W) x 351mm (H) x 100mm (D)

Technical Data

Sensor Roll Paper Towel Dispenser - Stainless


Satin finish Stainless Steel, Patented
Equipped with semi-recessed tumbler lock
385mm (W) x 465mm (H)
Electronic sensor automatically dispenses towel when hands are placed under the towel opening
Optional “Paper Saver” feature allows a shorter second sheet to dispense immediately after the first sheet

Technical Data

Sensor Roll Paper Towel Dispenser


Roll Paper Towel Dispenser
Durable plastic construction; translucent navy cover
Locking cabinet
310 (W) x 385 (H) x 240mm (D)
Operates with 4 “D” alkaline batteries (not included) or 6-volt DC power supply

Technical Data

Surface Mounted 3-in-1 Towel, Waste & Dryer - Accessible


Satin finish Stainless Steel
Dryer: Hands free operation
Capacity: 450 C-fold, 600 multifold
Waste Capacity: 13.7L
396mm (W) x 1450mm (H)
Equipped with 2 tumbler locks

Technical Data

Stainless Steel Shelf


Satin Finish Stainless Steel
125mm (D)
For accessible compliant version please see B295x14

Technical Data

Reversible Folding Shower Seat


Seat is constructed of durable, water-resistant, ivory-coloured 13mm thick solid phenolic
Reversible for left- or right-hand field installation
Frame and mounting brackets are type 304 stainless steel with self-locking mechanism
Supports up to 163 kg when properly installed
Seat 840mm (W) 565mm (D) in open position
For AS1428.1-2009 compliance RBA recommends model B819687

Technical Data

Accessible Compliant Folding Shower Seat


AS1428.1-2009 compliant
Solid Phenolic seat (cannot delaminate), Stainless Steel Frame and Brackets
Certified low VOC
960mm (W) x 355mm (D)

Technical Data

Sliding Soap Dish


Chrome plated plastic and rubber grip pad
Suitable for 32mm diameter shower rail
Easily adjustable

Tendo Soap Dish


Dimensions: 155mm (W) x 130mm (D) x 25mm (H)

Sensor Soap Dispenser - Liquid


Sensor Operated
Accessible compliant
Satin finish Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser
Corrosion Resistant Valve
108mm (W) x 268mm (H)
850ml capacity

Technical Data

Sensor Soap Dispenser - Foam


Satin finish Stainless Steel Foam Soap Dispenser
Corrosion Resistant Valve
108mm (W) x 268mm (H)
850ml capacity
The B2013 is the perfect Soap Dispenser for a commercial environment that is looking to save money on commercial bathroom accessories.

Technical Data

Soap Dispenser - Contura™


Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser
180mm (W) x 155mm (H)
Capacity: 1.2L
Antibacterial-soap resistant
Luminance contrast

Technical Data

Sensor Tap - 'Formatta'


Internal Solenoid saves labour
Clean Hygienic Design
Water Saving
Commercial Grade
Easy to Operate
Accessible Compliant
Low Maintenace
Easy to Install
The sensor controlled delivery system is suitable for disabled access public washrooms, offices, schools, shopping centres, stadiums, airports. The sensor detects the presence of the user’s hand(s) in the field directly above the basin - this activates the flow of water until the hands are removed from the field

Technical Data

Self Closing Tap - Stainless


'Inox' Self Closing Time Flow 4-10 seconds (non-adjustable)

Technical Data

Self Closing Tap - 'Benefit'


Time Flow 4-10 seconds (non-adjustable)
5N to activate

Technical Data

SelfClosing Tap - 'Benefit Lever'



Heavy Duty DZR brass, chrome plated
Vandal resistant
Time Flow 4-10 seconds (non-adjustable)
9N of force to operate
Luminance contrast handle

Technical Data

Accessible Basin Mixer

RBA4L50-7070 + RBA5935-1900

Comprised of:

RBA4L50-7070 +
Additional lever options available on request
Black handle for luminance contrast

Technical Data

Accessible Sink Mixer

RBA4L00-7070 + RBA5935-1900

Comprised of:

RBA4L00-7070 +
RBA5935-1900 (190mm Lever Handle)
Additional lever and spout options available on request.
Black handle for luminance contrast.

Technical Data

Stainless Steel Toilet - Accessible


P- or S-Trap, Front or Rear Fixed
Laser cut access panel
Satin finish Stainless Steel
Integral contoured toilet seat
Heavy Duty thermoplastic seat included (pictured)
Also available in #316 or coloured Enviroglaze™ (e.g. white)

Technical Data

Stainless Steel Toilet - Ambulant S-Trap


Ambulant compliant toilet
Heavy duty stainless steel toilet
Laser cut access panel
Satin finish Stainless Steel
Integral contoured toilet seat
S Trap
Also available in #316 or coloured Enviroglaze™ (e.g. white)

Technical Data

Toilet Brush Holder - 'Cubicle'


Satin finish Stainless Steel
Vandal resistant mounting bracket
Stainless Steel handle with replaceable nylon brush head
85mm (W) x 405mm (H) x 105mm (D)

Technical Data

'Hotel' Double Toilet Roll Holder


Technical Data

Toilet Roll Holder and Shelf


Stainless Steel with Satin Finish
Spindles are chrome-plated plastic with heavy-duty internal spring
Theft resistant spindle
Capacity: 1 standard toilet tissue roll up to 140mm Diameter

Technical Data

Towel Shelf with Towel Bar


Concealed Wall Plates: 1.6mm stainless steel for added strength
Towel Bar: Seamless, 8mm square tubing
Standard lengths: 455mm & 610mm

Technical Data

Free Standing Waste Bin


Satin finish Stainless Steel
Vinyl Wall bumper, rubber feet & hooks for liners
49 litre capacity with self closing swing-top lid

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Pre-Plumbed Water Heater & TMV


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